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1. If you were stuck on an island for a week, who would you NOT want to be stuck with?
A flatulent gorilla. Or Richard Simmons.

2. Favorite tropical fruit?
Pomegranate. It totally counts as a tropical fruit because I looked it up on Wikipedia and right there it says it grows in "Tropical Africa"... along with like fifty other desert locations.  

3. Have you tried making anything with "yucca roots"?
Nope. Seriously, can you actually make anything other than baskets?

4. If so, what in the world did you make? If not, go do it?
I WOULD MAKE A BOAT. 'CAUSE YOLO -gets slapped in the face for using that acronym-

5. What fandoms do you partake in?
UHH. DGM, FMAB, LOTR, Pokemon, oh and that somewhat new series called Revolution.

6. What is your favorite anime?
Fullmetal Alchemist. But I like the D.Gray-man manga better.

7. What about "romance manga"?
Not sure I've read any o__o

8. Have you seen Turbo yet?

9. If so, what did you think? If not, what is your impression of the movie?
Haven't seen the movie D:

10. who is your favorite deviant who's name starts with a P?
Hmm... ME<3 (But I love you too Pappy)


1. How'd you choose your deviantart username?
2. What is the most crack paring you can think of?
3. What is your most terrifying experience?
4. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love pandas?
5. If your plane was about to crash, who would you want to sit next to you?
6. How long would you survive in a horror movie?
7. What is a kind of sad first world problem you've had recently? 
8. Favorite movie or tv show?
9. Have you ever tried chocolate goji? (If not, buy some right now. Seriously, it was alongside kittens and rainbows.)
10. Any music suggestions?



TheFreudianSlip's Profile Picture
Person c:
United States
1. Nickname: Your face
2. Origin of your name: Your face, of course.
3. Family members: mom, dad, bro kitties
4. Interests: drawing, chillin on the computer, music, hanging with friends.
5. Strong point: reading people
6. Weak point: being too lazy
7. Weakness: laziness, stubbornness
8. Mental Age: about like, 18
9. Something surprising about yourself: I'm too awesome to come up with an answer?
10. What kind of animal do you think you are: Kitty<33
11. Habitual saying: eh in general making fun of things in an English accent.
12. Habitual movement: tripping over flat surfaces... it takes skill
13. Charm point: That’s not for me to judge
14. The advantage of being a girl/boy: not having to ask out someone I like, and other obvous things o;
15. What you would do if you are a female/male (female, male, laguz): Be freaking out that I was a guy?
16. Favorite color: lightning blue
17. Favorite flower: ??
18. Favorite movie: Sherlock Holmes (the origional)
19. Favorite book: none really...
20. Favorite manga: D.Gray-man
21. Favorite TV show: Regular Show
22. Favorite saying: Go die in a hole and think about what you’ve done.
23. Favorite season: summer
24. Favorite food: pot stickers
25. Food that you hate the most: Mexican food D: spicy
26. Favorite odor: odor has a negative connotation, so I don't think I have one
27. Favorite song: Behind Closed Doors- Rise Against
28. Favorite artist: Not that interested in artists as much as specific pics
29. Favorite gem: Emerald (mainly because it's my birth stone)
30. Favorite place: my room
31. Favorite game: Skyrim :3
32. Countries you want to visit the most: Anywhere tropical…
33. The creepiest thing in the world: My friends<33
34. Your good friends: Too many to mention.
35. Best Skill: taking up the roll of the idiot
36. What you are good at cooking: Hoooot pockets ^^
37. Best sport: tennis
38. Secret of losing weight: don’t eat as much
39. The song that you always sing in karaoke singing: Deny- Default
40. Subjects you are good at: FREAKING NONE o-e
41. Subjects you are not good at: SCIENCE and SPANISH. –dies- Although I blame it on my crappy teachers
42. What you do when you are not paying attention during class time: Staring at the wall.
43. Co-curricular activity: tennis and volunteering
44. When to start revising for examinations: when I feel it is needed
45. Memorizing skill: cramming
46. Favorite school activity: Not being at school.
47. The school rule that you cannot tolerate: No hats. I MEAN berets are hardly hats, right?
48. Views on bully cases: bullies deserve punishment, other than that, SUCK IT UP.
49. 50m run record: absolutely no clue
50. What do you first do in the morning: beg for five more minutes
51. What do you last do before going to bed: wonder where I put my phone…
52. Average time period of sleeping: 10+ hrs or 7 hours school night
53. Average time period of bathing: Why do you want to know..?
54. Ways of maintaining health: tennis, beg God that I don’t get swine flu?
55. Pocket money amount: like, 40, but if going places 0
56. Pets: Three Kitties. Lacey, Peaches, and her daughter Cleo
57. What you usually dream of: Well, once I had a dream that some guy stole my Pringles
58. Things that you usually bring with you: my cell
59. The most important criteria of the partner you like: they have to make me laugh and be TOTALLY into me. I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT I ALSO ADORE GUYS WITH DARK HAIR AND BLUE EYES.
60. The type of person from the opposite gender that you cannot tolerate: pride issues, lack of caring (we all know someone who just doesn't give a crap), ignoring me :c
61. What do you do when you are in love: think about my crush like every second and start daydreaming about them
62. Age of first love: I think kindergarten, but I don’t consider it love at that age. The first real crush I had was more like, uhm… 14?
64. Preferable age of getting married: around 30?
65. Mobile phone strap: I don’t have one
66. Mobile phone ringtone: Eon- Celldweller
67. Mobile Phone Wallpaper: LOTR Live wallpaper
68. Number of SMS partners: if only I knew what that means…
69. Number of SMS sent everyday: still no clue…
70. Clothing you often wear: whatever.
71. Special clothing: tennis skirts and shirts
72. Accessories you often wear: necklace/earrings
73. Things you wear everyday: pajamas if that counts
74. Favorite band: Rise Against
75. Make ups: Foundation, mascara and lip-gloss
76. Motivation to become an artist: Boredom?
77. Artist you first liked: no clue
78. Artist you want to meet the most: Really now… I am not really that much into artists…
79. Artist that you have met that gave you the best impression: -points at last response-
80. The job that makes you feel the most nervous about: Engineer. It’s the only job in which you can’t forget what you've learned in math class –gasp-
81. Best impression in your job: I get to chill with old friends ^^
82. Dreams you want to achieve before reaching the age of 20: GET THE F--- OUT OF MY SCHOOL -__- FINALLY START MY LIFE.
83. What you would do when you grow up: psychologist
84. What you want the most now: to be with cute guys on a cruise ship. LOL.
85. What made you cry recently: My favorite teacher died... also all of the shootings
86. What made you laugh recently: my friends. They are... wierd O:<
87. What you are enthusiastic about recently: Going on a pretty epic vacation
88. What you are very much concerned about recently: family stuff and all the school stress.
89: Collection: sticky notes? I have them all over my desk.
90. The most precious thing: Loved ones, my kitties, electronics (By that I mean my computer<3), and like, yea.
91. What you would do if you win a 300,000,000 Yen Lottery: Buy a candy bar. Yen is worth dirt…
92. What you would do if the world is to end tomorrow: GLOMP MY CRUSH. And eat some ice cream.
93. What you would bring along if you are to go to an isolated island: My kitties, family, friends, and computer, and a five-star hotel. HELL YEAH BBY<33 (well, if it has food and water and stuff already)
94. What you would do if you have a time machine: Hope it is the Hot Tub Time Machine and go back to 1986 and wow an audience by singing the Black Eyed Peas. xD
95. What would your wish be if God grant you one wish: The classic. Wish for more wishes c:

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